Bahaya Mentaliti Cash Is King …

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  2. Minoo Madam,
      Your lessons are perfect as always..But,I’ve some doubts in the following two things.Could you please
    help me?.

    (1.) You have pointed out that,before all consonant sounds,pronunciation of “the” is ‘thuh'(eg.

    the university(“thuh university”)); but at the same time you also noted that,when the next word begins with a vowel
    sound,”the” pronunce as “thee”(eg. the umbrella(“thee umbrella”)).My question is that,in both examples,that is “the university” and “the umbrella”,next word after “the” is starting with the same alphabet “u”,but you had spoke
    it separately as “thuh” and “thee”.Why?,Kindly tell me the
    (2.) In your exercises section,the 7th question: ‘This is __united community’.Your answer is “a”,
    why?.You already mentioned that,”an” can be used when the next word
    begins with a vowel sound (eg. “an” umbrella).

    ** I’m very thankful to you,if you kindly solve my two of
    the above mentioned doubts separately.Thanks!
    RKR,Goldenson Arena.

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